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Graduation Requirements

Curriculum Area
Indiana CORE 40 Requirements
Indiana CORE 40 With Academic Honors Requirements
Indiana CORE 40 with Technical Honors Requirements
English 8 credits Additional:
  • 2 additional CORE 40 Math credits (Pre-Calculus)
  • 6-8 CORE 40 World Language credits
  • 2 CORE 40 Fine Arts credits

Complete one of the following:

  • AP courses and corresponding AP exams (4 credits)
  • Dual credit HS/college course resulting in 6 transcripted college credits
  • An AP course and corresponding AP exam (2 credits) and 3 credits from a dual HS/college course
  • A score of 1200 or higher on SAT (counting Critical Reading and Math only) or a score of 26 or higher on ACT. Students entering high school in 2012-2013 or subsequent years must have a score of 1750 or higher on the SAT Reading, Math and Writing sections and a minimum 530 on each or an ACT composite of 26 or higher.
Class of 2015, see your counselor.

Class of 2016 and beyond

Earn 6 credits in the college and career preparation courses in a state approved College & Career Pathway and one of the following:
  • Pathway designated industry-based certification or credential
  • Pathway dual credits from the priority course lists resulting in 6 transcripted college credits.

Complete one of the following:
  • Any of the A-F options of the Academic Honors Diploma
  • Earn these minimum scores on Workkeys:
    • Reading - Level 6
    • Locating Information - Level 5
  • Earn these minimum scores on Accuplacer:
    • Writing - 80
    • Reading - 90
    • Math - 75
  • Ean these minimum scores on Compass:
    • Algebra - 66
    • Writing - 70
    • Reading - 80
Math 6-8 credits
2 credits Algebra 1
2 credits Geometry
2 credits Algebra 2

Students in the class of 2016 and beyond must take a math or quantitative reasoning class each year in high school.
Science 6 credits
2 credits Biology 1
2 credits Chemistry 1
   Physics I or Integrated
2 credits any Core 40
Science course
Social Studies 6 credits
2 credits World History &
     Civilization or World
     Geography & History
     of the World
2 credits US History
1 credit US Government
1 credit Economics
PE 2 credits
Health 1 credit
Directed Electives 5 credits directed electives
In any combination from World
Languages, Fine Arts, or
Electives 6 credits
College and Career Pathway
GPA Requirement None 3.0 (overall) Must earn a grade of 'C' or above in all courses that will count toward the diploma. 3.0 (overall) Must earn a grade of 'C' or above in all courses that will count toward the diploma
TOTAL 40 credits 47 credits 47 credits
(Note: Pass/Fail courses such as Teacher Assistant (T.A.) do not count toward a CORE 40 or AHD or THD diploma.)


Indiana General Diploma Graduation Requirements
* Note: Students may earn a general diploma if parents and counselors hold an opt-out conference.


Curriculum Area Indiana General Diploma Requirements
English 8 credits
Math 4 credits
Must include 2 credits Algebra 1
Science 4 credits
Must include 2 credits in Biology 1 and at least one credit must be from a Physical Science or Earth and Space Science course.
Social Studies 4 credits
(2 credits US History, 1 credit US Government, and 1 credit Economics)
PE 2 credits
Health 1 credit
Electives 6 credits
College and Career Pathway 6 credits
Flex Credit 5 credits
TOTAL 40 credits

*Students IN THE CLASS OF 2016 AND BEYOND are required to earn 2 credits in a Math or Quantitative Reasoning course during their junior or senior year. Quantitative Reasoning courses do not count as math credits.
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