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1:1 Technology Initiative FAQs:

What is a 1:1 Environment?  

One to One (1:1) refers to the idea of schools issuing an electronic device to each enrolled student to access digital course materials and engage in digital learning practices. 1:1 must NOT be about the device, but is about the innovative instructional tool to connect learners to the curriculum, engaging students in the educational process.  

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning in an educational model blend together classroom instructional methods with integration of technology to expose learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Why are we getting devices?

Our ultimate goal is to engage students in learning, through offering immense resources that move classrooms beyond the traditional space, creating a true student-centric learning environment.  Digital learning practices aim to improve instruction and learning opportunities by connecting to students.  

What devices are NLCS Adopting?

Acer R11 Chromebooks

Who will be getting devices? And when?

NLCS will phase in the 1:1 Technology initiative over the course of the coming school years.  The proposed implementation plan would tentatively follow this timeline:

2016-2017:  HS 1:1, MS & Elementary Technology Pilot with Chrome Carts (Mobile set of devices)

2017-2018:  HS & MS 1:1, Elementary Technology Pilot with Chrome Carts (Mobile set of devices)

2018-2019: HS, MS, & Elementary 1:1

Will we still be getting textbooks?

The implementation plan is designed to supplement current classroom curriculum, merging in technology instructional practices.  Within the curriculum platform, NLCS is committed to providing necessary text curriculum utilizing the device to expand learning opportunities.  Therefore, some course subjects will include a print textooks while others will become more digital while utilizing classroom sets of textbooks.

Will teachers & students be getting training on using the Chromebooks?

Yes!  Professional Development is imperative in successfully supporting teachers in implementing digital instruction.  All NLCS Teachers will receive PD opportunities to learn about the device and support for creating digital curriculum for their classrooms.  While students are very digital in their lives, student training and development will be apart of the curriculum as we move into 1:1.

When will teachers get digital instructional training? By whom?

To support effective use of digital instructional practices, NLCS is committed to providing sustainable support for teachers through PD opportunities.  Teachers will continue to receive ongoing PD training from our NLCS Digital eCoaches.  In addition, a priority will be made to promote daily support via instructional coaches, digital learning specialists, and building a professional learning community to share instructional experiences.

Will teachers be expected to go to training over the summer?

NLCS will partner with Five Star Technologies to introduce optional PD Workshops on a variety of 1:1 Environment topics.  Workshop Topics: GAFE  Review, Google Slides and Drawings, Google Classroom Review, the SAMR model, Curriculum Work Sessions, Chromebook Basics, and Bootcamp for new BNL teachers.

How will teachers be expected to use Chromebooks in their classrooms?

NLCS will adopt the ISTE Tech Standards and Growth Guide - more information to come!

Will teachers receive training on classroom management using devices?

Yes.  Digital Citizenship and Classroom Management is a PD Workshop scheduled in the 1:1 Environment Training Plan being implemented by Five Star Technologies.  

Will students be permitted to take the device home?

Yes, students will be able to take their devices home.  Students and parents will participate in an orientation program and will receive Intro to Chromebooks training.  Upon completion of their training, students will be required to submit the Student & Parent Acknowledgement Form, agreeing to the terms outlined in the board approved Chromebook Policy and Procedures.

What if students don’t have access to wifi?

One of the great advantage with Google and Google Chromebooks is, they can be used without an internet connection.  Google Docs can be used offline and other materials can be downloaded to the Chromebook or to a flash drive. Training for this practice will be included in the Intro to Chromebook training.

What happens if a device is broken or damaged?  

NLCS has established policies and procedures to accompany chromebook distribution.  Parents will be given the option to purchase a NLCS Addidental Protection Plan for the devices. If applicable, there will be a deductible fee, and a loaner will be issued until their chromebook is repaired.  If insurance is not applicable, students will be issued a temporary device, subject to school policies, and will be subject to replacement costs.  


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